Chikomaru's Whimsical Journey: A Heartwarming Anime Delight on YouTube

Haruka Suzuki's 4-Panel Manga Springs to Life in a Lively Short Animation Adventure!

Haruka Suzuki's Chikomaru Manga Sprinkles Cheer with New Short Anime on YouTube On a delightful note, Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co. Ltd. has just started streaming a lively short anime on their YouTube channel, bringing to life Haruka Suzuki's Chikomaru 4-panel manga. The debut episode, episode 0, is already available for your viewing pleasure!

Hana Sato takes center stage as the charming Chikomaru, while Tsuyoshi Koyama adds flair to the character Kirin. The anime unfolds the adventures of the endearing hamster, Chikomaru, who calls a place with a thin floor home.

The multi-talented original creator, Suzuki, assumes the roles of writer, director, and character designer at Pie in the sky. Hiromi Kikuta (known for Haikyu!!) steps in as the sound director at dugout, with Shōta Yaso credited for the lively sound effects. Satoshi Matsuda handles the recording, ensuring an immersive experience. To add a musical touch, the theme song "Kyō wa Nani Suru" is beautifully performed by Kotori Koiwai.

Suzuki first introduced the manga on Shogakukan's Sunday Web Every platform in 2021, and now, it's joyfully brought to life through this animated adaptation.

Sources: Sho-Pro's YouTube channel, Oricon News

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